Monday, 5 December 2011

SEO Optimising

Ok so anyone who has ever tried to get up those Google rankings must share my frustrations. Myself and my business partner Trev have been working relentlessly for the few weeks. We are doing all the recommended, as listed below but are yet to be rewarded by a lift up the rankings from google. Hour after hour spent in front of this computer submitting back link after backlink. Very slow going. I am assured that there is no guaranteed success strategies for SEO but lots of tips. I will share with you some of what we are doing.

BackLinks. These are links to our website on other sites. A link to your own site is rated by google Dependant on how highly they rate the site your link is on. For instance if the likes of Amazon or ebay linked to your site (good luck with that) this would be highly regarded by google. Where as if it was just a random small unknown site linking to yours, it may be less valuable to your SEO work. Also sites linked to your own market are more valuable. So I am a pet supplies web site so any sites in relation to pets would be regarded well for me to get a backlink from.

Social networksFacebook, twitter and the others. We have open accounts and pages linked to our site.

Blogs On your own site and popular blogging sites are well regarded as a good way to promote your site.

Meta's Creating good Meta keywords, tags and descriptions relating to your product or service. Also good text content relating to your product with use of key words. Anchor text appears to be good for google also. This is where a piece of text on your page doubles up as a weblink back to an appropriate page on your site. Eg the words 'DOG BEDS' could be a link back to my dog beds page.

Press releases there are sites dedicated to submitting news worthy articles about your site.

These are just some of the things we are spending our time on. Hope fully I can bring some real positive news on our efforts here. This being the case, all advice above will actually be useful!!


  1. I’m glad that you shared points about SEO optimising and how you’re doing it in your page. I know it can be a complicated process but then I know that you can still be good at it. How is it now? I just hope that you have positive results in your efforts here and i guess it’s time for you to update your blog so that we can also know the results that you have. :)

    + Abigayle Soderstrom +

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  3. SEO is a tough job, so some businessmen trust internet marketing companies to help update their sites. I'm glad that you did it by yourself and shared your thoughts about it. However, it's wiser to consult professionals so that all your efforts won't go to waste. :)