Thursday, 1 December 2011

The launch (again)

Ok so the launch of the new improved took place a couple of weeks ago. For those that are thinking of starting your own website and hoping for instant traffic, don't be fooled it is HARD work. We have been spending night after night just trying anything possible to get up those Google rankings. For the first few days we did not even register on Google for search terms for our new products. We are now hitting the late 200's for a Google link. this is great progress but lets be honest, who goes past page 2 when searching Google, let alone page 25?? So still a long way to go.
We are busy optimising the site as well as trying to obtain back links. Back links are links from other sites to our site. These, according to research, are crucial. It adds credibility to your site if others are prepared to add a link to your site. However, the quality of the site linking to you is important. If Google rank their site highly, this is a good link. If Google do not rate them well then this will not be of much use.

So yes in summary, very pleased with the site but lots of work to do now.


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