Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Launch

This is my first ever Blog. I wanted to share my experience of the first steps of setting up and launching my first ever business venture. I have spent many nights trawling the Internet looking for something. Something being everything. Something that will be the idea or inspiration to a new business and new future. Hopefully my blog can be of some inspiration for others. finally launched on the 1st May 2011. Myself and my business partner and best friend Trevor Pope have worked tirelessly to get the site launched.

Trev and I are just two normal hard working family men. Like many others out there, we have yearned to work for ourselves and be in control of our own destinies. We have been searching for THAT idea for so long. I think anyone that has wanted to take those steps to own their own business will know, the hardest part is coming up with a business product or idea.

We had an idea back at the end of last summer to launch our own website selling good quality chicken coops. It has been extremely hard work, finalising the concept, locating suppliers and building the web pages. For anyone else out there that has a dream of running there own business, this has already been a massively rewarding experience. Rather than just dreaming of running your own business, you can combine your own interests and your desire to build a better future into a product. This is exactly what we have done. I hope to share with you our journey as our business grows. We have not yet made any significant sales, but coming home from work and then channelling our energies into our business venture is already a great sense of being.

This is where the hard work really begins. Getting up the Google rankings and promoting our site. Our products and service are good, but we have to get the traffic to our site.

My blogs will touch on how we got to where we are and hopefully share our success with you.

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